Monday, 11 October 2010

Mad hats or timeless turbans?

Yesterday my photograph appeared in the ‘What are you wearing?’ column of Sunday Times Style. I was wearing one of my curious hats – a Mad Hatter style creation that was made to my unique specification by talented milliner, Katherine Goodison. I was also wearing a fabulous pair of Vivienne Westwood mauve platform shoes. No, not on my head... at least not on that occasion.

I love theatrical headwear, but it’s not always practical to go out with a precariously balanced hoodoo of haberdashery on one's head. Of course, we’ve a fantastic array of hair accessories at ShopCurious, from simple one size headbands to rare, retro feather hats...

However, I wanted to offer the Curious Cognoscenti something really glamorous, yet also totally comfortable. So I used some DIY design to create these curiously dramatic turbans, which are upcycled from scraps of exotic vintage fabric, and embellished with flower corsages, jewels and feather trimmings. They're available on the website now too.

Turbans were very popular in the golden days of Hollywood. I was wondering if this was because the actresses usually wore wigs and wanted to cover their damaged hair? Turbans are really handy if your hair’s in a bit of a mess – I could certainly have done with one when the photo above was taken.

Turbans are also light to wear and the ones shown here could even be folded up and kept in a handbag, to jazz up an outfit as required.

They're pretty timeless too – and can work as part of a Bohemian casual look, or with more formal, arty attire.

Anyway, I hope you agree that not all hats are mad...

Do you?


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

The first amazing!!!


janettaylor said...

Haha! I love the first pic!

Eri said...

Oh wow, how amazing! I love when your wear things like that, it just matches if your personality so much. You are looking amazing by the way and I hope you have been well.

Loads of love.

Susan said...

Aw, thanks for your kind comments girls, and lovely to hear from you again Eri - note you are becoming the queen of shoes: there's something to indulge your shoe fetish coming shortly. Susan xox

Romy said...

they are amazing!

i´m doing some post of style tips, you are invited to check out my blog


Jan said...

All totally fabulous Susan.
Had to laugh at the bit about your mum refusing to be seen with you.
p.s I would've seen this if I hadn't fallen out with the Times/Sunday Times.

Susan said...

haha, love the first one :)

Susan said...

Hello Romy - took a while for the translator to work, but that's a very stylish looking blog.

Sorry to hear about your experience with the press Jan... and hope any disagreements can eventually be resolved.

Hi Susan! Lovely to hear from you too. Your blog has some curiously cool stuff..