Monday, 18 October 2010

Web of curious Halloween horrors

I spotted a huge variety of pumpkins for sale outside a supermarket in southern California the other day. The Cinderella pumpkins looked so perfect – like something out of a children’s cartoon. I wasn’t sure if these were $9.99 for each pumpkin, or per box? Though I can probably find out by checking the prices on the internet.

The web is a great source of information on everything to do with Halloween. Here you can learn how to carve the perfect Jack-O-Lantern, where to go, what to wear - and discover all manner of Halloween related ideas and curiosities.

By the way, I noticed there are some suitably spooky events going on in London, including the Ghost Stories Show at the Duke of York’s Theatre. However, those who are especially curious might like to dance the dance of death at the Last Tuesday Society’s 'A Danse Macabre' Halloween Ball on 29th October. Amongst the decadent delights on offer are a 'torture garden operating theatre' and The Urban Voodoo Machine. You’ll also be able to watch the iconic Empress Stah ‘suspended from her chandelier draped with Miss Havisham cobwebs, syringing out her own blood and drinking it…’ Mmmm.. most tasteful.

The dress code is ‘beautiful and damned’, so if you’re looking for a costume it’s worth considering some of the curiously unique accessories at ShopCurious. In fact, may I suggest this hand crafted corset-like, black leather spider’s web belt by Thea Cadabra?

Anyway, that’s enough advice from the web - I’m sure you’re more than able to spin the guests in your own seductively mysterious web of dark and delicious charm. Just remember, if you're not home before midnight, you might turn into a pumpkin.

Will you?


Jan said...

Woah - cheers for the link - I think.
'House of Flattery' or 'House of Illness'?
decisions decisions ...

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Great post!!


Jill said...

That belt is sex-ay!!