Thursday, 25 November 2010

Arty, eco-friendly London style

How is it that Americans get two turkey days, whereas us Brits only get one? I think it’s rather curious to have another holiday so close to Christmas, when we’re already running around like headless chickens. Anyway, as you guys on the other side of the pond are probably having a few days off, I thought I’d focus on things a little closer to home today.

If you’re Christmas shopping in London, there are a few new places to visit, like the huge glass-fronted mall over at One New Change, opposite St Paul’s. There are some amazing views over London from the recently opened roof terrace (click on pics below to enlarge), where next year a rooftop café will also be up and running - hope the weather improves...

Despite Jean Nouvel’s stunning architectural contribution to the City, the shopping centre is home to the ubiquitous selection of chain stores. However, it was refreshing to see a rather more original addition to the premises the other day, when photos of the new limited edition London G-Wiz were unveiled.

This quirky little electric car is now recognizably associated with London, where apparently there are now well over 1,000 of the vehicles on the city’s streets, prompting the idea for a unique, London inspired deisgn. Luise Vomittag of the designer, ContainerPLUS says, “So many stories intersect in this city, millions of people - all building a version of their own reality. It’s a topsy-turvy city - eccentric, outrageous and utterly delightful. The idiosyncratic and joyful spirit of the G-wiz, as well as the environmental outlook of the company behind this vehicle, immediately struck a chord.”

If you’re interested in seeing this curiously collectable designer car, you’ll be able to get a preview at the junction of Oxford Street, Market Place and Great Titchfield Street on Saturday 27th, this weekend, as part of the VIP, car free shopping day. Or, if you’d like to order one as an eco-friendly Christmas gift, you can even buy online, direct from the appropriately named retailer, GoinGreen.

It’s understandable that some budgets won’t quite stretch to £12,995, even for Christmas, but there are plenty of less expensive unusual gifts online at ShopCurious: Like this very reasonably priced and beautifully scented, naturally organic Lavender Crystals gift set from Zarvis London.

By the way, don’t forget to order your turkey.

Will you?

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Jan said...

That IS a great view isn't it?
You understand correctly Susan
- the GWiz is beyond my budget.
Oh and TWO turkey days I can definitely live without!

p.s. making the most of my
day off - cleaning (groan)
not blogging, but always time
for a little blog reading!