Tuesday, 9 November 2010

From gift to heirloom: collecting for posterity

This month our theme is collecting and I’ll be suggesting some ideas for unique and unusual gifts that aren’t just for Christmas.

I was recently asked to list my top tips for creating an heirloom legacy by a fascinating new magazine called Eulogy. You can read the magazine online, including my article, Heirlooms: A Legacy of Love - a ten point check list for buying collectable items with the potential to become a valuable legacy for your family or loved ones.

Best of all, I got to hear from world renowned fashion designer, Zandra Rhodes CBE, about her heirlooms and the legacy she plans to leave to the public via her Fashion and Textile Museum in London. You can read the whole interview on the Eulogy Magazine website.

"Fashion has only relatively recently been considered as an art form in its own right and of interest from an historical and investment perspective,” so talking with fashion museum founder, Zandra, was very illuminating. It was especially useful to hear her expert advice on what to look out for when collecting vintage clothing.

Collectable curiosities and antique finds with provenance are also becoming increasingly sought after as gifts. It makes a refreshing change to receive something with timeless style that doesn't get thrown out as soon as it goes out of fashion.

And, talking of provenance, earlier this week I received an email from a kind lady in the north of England about a pair of 1930s retro prints by Lilian Rowles at ShopCurious. She identified the baby in the blue print (left) as a relative of Lilian Rowles, who was born in 1933, and who apparently only had dark hair until she was 9 months old - which dates the picture to between 1933 and 1934. What’s more, the baby’s daughter now runs a fabulous vintage shop called The Cloth Shed – and you can read more about Lilian’s artwork on her charming blog.

Anyway, I’m curious to hear about your heirlooms and the legacy you’d like to pass on to future generations – do you have a collection of your own, or any items of special provenance you’d like to tell us about?

Do you?


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Loveee the pic!

Jan said...

Hadn't realised the importance of provenance until just the other day whilst watching an Antiques Roadshow.
I'm not a collector (obviously)!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

that cuff bracelet on her is humongous! Fab!!


The Cloth Shed said...

Thank you for the mention at Shop Curious about the Lillian Rowles baby prints....hope they go to a good home.....
Julie x

Susan said...

You're welcome Julie!

Jan - seems collecting is becoming curiously cool. Did you hear that Robert Pattinson wants to become the presenter?