Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas crustaceans and curious gifts

All things aquatic are suddenly in fashion. First there were flesh-eating fishes, as I discovered when I sampled the skin nibbling skills of rufa fish on my much-walked, swollen feet earlier in the year.

Now marine life is everywhere. John Galliano has even created an oceanic inspired Christmas tree at Claridge’s.

Not that I’m complaining, as I'm a great lover of seafood - shellfish in particular. But Christmas tends to be a time for feasting on poultry and game, along with pates, hams and other cold meats.

I was thinking how lovely it would be to have a nice plate of fruits de mer for Christmas Day lunch instead of the traditional, bog-standard turkey. Or, if it’s still bitterly cold outside, perhaps something a little more warming like a classic lobster thermidor

If you’re also tempted by alternative seasonal dining options, we’ve an appropriately unique retro lobster plate set at ShopCurious. Produced by renowned American ceramicist Brad Keeler, the serving platter features an enormous lobster in a curiously captivating dark coral red glaze.

And, whilst we’re on the subject of Christmas and crustaceans, we’ve plenty of other gifts worth shelling out on too. Our selection of jewellery made with natural curiosties includes this fabulously dramatic cowrie shell and silver bangle.

The smaller cowrie shell rings are also very striking and totally timeless. In fact, they're perfect for any occasion from a Christmas party to a New Year holiday in the sun.

Bet you’re by salivating now?

Are you?

PS For more curious Christmas gift ideas, visit The Dabbler.


Devon Dudgeon said...

I've always wanted to see what a fish pedicure looked like. I actually included one in a script I wrote!

Susan said...

Devon, how could you include something without even seeing it, let alone trying it out?!

By the way, this is definitely worth a try.. It's a curiously creepy feeling. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's screamed upon dipping their toes into a fish pedicure for the first time... Am I?