Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Stocking fillers for a capital Christmas

The last minute rush is upon us. There’s more cold weather coming too... I suggest you sit back in a comfy armchair with your laptop, so you can pick up a few stocking fillers without even going into town.

Here’s my choice of curiosities from London via ShopCurious, all available in time for Christmas (last UK orders 22nd December):

To start with how about a retro London powder compact, perfect for a liberal dusting of old fashioned charm...

Zarvis London’s divinely scented ‘mothaway cones' make a curiously useful gift, especially if you happen to live in London, where there seem to be plenty of moths. Are there any your way? In any case, there’s a special offer for a pack of two eco-friendly cones, which are available at a 20% discount.

If you’re going for the shock factor, there’s always The Little Shop of Horrors’ anatomical curiosity – the innocuously named Ted and Eddy, a freakish two-headed teddy bear. Eek!

Or for the traditionalist, choose from a selection of curiously collectable royal commemorative tins, starting at only £8 – surely the least expensive heirlooms in town?

The quirky and characterful Someday diary has no fixed dates, making it a totally timeless gift – but also perfect with the New Year just around the corner. And only £17 a pop too...

Keep someone warm this Christmas with a classic vintage men’s silk scarf. At only a little over £20 this is arty style that’s surprisingly cheap.

Or choose from a range of charming, old-style brooches, some attached to a pretty postcard, that are both reasonably priced and perfect as unusual gifts for ladies of all ages.

There are plenty more curiosities and gift ideas on the website, but I thought a few mentions might help you on your way. Take a look around, anyway... you never know what you might find, without eating too much into your capital.

Will you?


Profoundly Superficial said...

Ted and Eddy have got me worried. I don't know whether to feel sorry for them or just plain horrified!

Jan said...

These are smashing ideas.
Haven't seen any moths in a while, but I know they've been a big problem around these parts.
Too cold for them now I presume
(me - definitely)

Style Porn said...

Fabulous picks! I'm partial to the vintage tin myself, though I always tend to buy stuff like that and don't have anywhere appropriate to display it.

Ah, I want Christmas to be here already!!