Monday, 31 January 2011

Musical sustainability

In memory of John Barry I’d like to share Back to Nature, from the soundtrack to Nicholas Roeg’s mesmerizing 1971 film, Walkabout, starring Jenny Agutter.

The musical accompaniment to this poignant tale of urban materialism and modern social values versus time honoured tribal rituals and sustainability is as beautifully haunting as its breathtaking cinematography.

ShopCurious very much appreciates naturally beautiful style. And Barry’s score for the film perfectly captures the sights and sounds of nature in the the Australian outback.

Barry was an extraordinarily prolific musical genius - and for all the pleasure he’s given us over the years, and left with us for future generations to appreciate and enjoy, I just want to say thank you...

Do you?

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Jan said...

Yes a genius.
Midnight Cowboy score
would top my list.