Thursday, 10 February 2011

Period elegance and Valentine vanity in Paris

I was wandering around the backstreets of Paris doing a spot of window shopping, when I accidentally stumbled upon the Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais. This charming and romantic little treasure of a hotel looks absolutely perfect for a Valentine weekend in the city of love.

‘A rare piano forte from 1792, a card table, a fireplace, candles and chandeliers recreate the charm of a private town house in the Marais at the time of Beaumarchais and Mozart.’

The building is steeped in history, and named after the boisterous 18th century playwright, Beaumarchais, who lived nearby, and wrote The Marriage of Figaro in 1778 (adapted into the opera by Mozart in 1786).

Apparently, this is also where, in 1776, he founded the trading house from which George Washington was supplied with ships and gundpowder during the American Revolution until Independence in 1782.

The rooms are decorated in ‘fine fabrics in the style of the 18th century,’ and decked out with ‘antiques and period documents.’

What's more, the Marais is close to Notre-Dame and is a great area for quirky little shops, as well as some amazing museums. There’s a Louis Vuitton exhibition on until 27th February at the Musee Carnavalet, where some exceptionally luxurious luggage from the past two and a half centuries is on show. Included in this are some fabulous vanity cases with individually monogrammed pieces of dressing table ware.

Vintage dressing table sets have become very collectable and would make a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day (or any day for that matter).

Take a look at the selection available at ShopCurious. In fact, you could take this set (right) along to the Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais and it wouldn’t look at all out of place. Though you may prefer to simply powder your wig.

Do you?

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worm said...

The hotel Caron looks amazing! I would love to stay in a place like that!