Sunday, 6 February 2011

Swanning around in ballet bling

In the fast moving world of fashion, black swans are already passé. But ballet inspired clothing and accessories are still very much in evidence.

In a new twist on an old idea, Annie Sherburne has created these fabulous ballerina brooches. Their elegant classic swan-style ballet dresses have been upcycled from scraps of original vintage jewellery. The brooches are available from ShopCurious in a range of colours and each brooch is totally unique.

Meantime, here’s some inspiration for later in the year: Ballet dancers not so much swanning as sailing down the catwalk - with balloons as rigging, and billowing, acid bright chiffon dresses as flapping sails...

Dancing en pointe looks a rather precarious business to me… I think it’s curiously clever that none of the girls got into a nasty tangle.

PS Check out the crazy new fashion in headwear at my latest Curious Trends post.


Style Porn said...

I have always been perfectly obsessed with pointe shoes! And wouldn't you know it, I quit ballet just before my 11th birthday, when I WOULD have gotten to go on pointe. Ah well, I guess it will always be one of my regrets in life, and why I'll always have a soft spot for balletic fashion!

Catherine said...

I just found your website this evening on a list of 50 cool websites - much deserved placing.

Profoundly Superficial said...

Don't regret not going on pointe, Style Porn. I did, and it did horrible things to my feet!