Saturday, 26 February 2011

Unique charms of cycling in London

Looking for something to do this weekend? If you’re feeling very brave and don’t mind getting wet, why not take one of the new Barclays Boris bikes for a spin around London?

You could visit a museum – not the British Cycling Museum, as that’s in Cornwall, which would be a bit of a trek.

Better still, could park your bike at a docking station and pop in to one of the many arty events going on in London this weekend. I’d suggest Ceramic Art London at the Royal College of Art.

Here you’ll find handcrafted pottery, ceramic sculptures and all sorts of quirky pieces from a range of accomplished professional designers. I particularly like Kate McBride’s Olympics inspired tableware. Her collectable hand painted Velodrome bowl has cyclists racing around the circuit as spectators look on.

I’ve heard there’s an art to cycling in London: You probably have to be very careful – and wear something suitably protective. How about this Guiding Light curiosity charm necklace by Cartography40N74W at ShopCurious? It comes with a Jesus charm, helpful prayer (inside a miniature pair of binoculars) and a handy pen knife, just in case you get a puncture or need to carry out any emergency repairs.

Alternatively, you could stay at home, safe and out of the rain, and do something curiously creative - like upcycling some old clothes, or designing your own London bicycle – see my latest post at The Dabbler for further details and inspiration.

Will you?


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

quirky pieces indeed!
I really had to look closely, those are hand painted bikes on the ceramics!!! Thought they were florals at first!
Enjoy your weekend darling Susan~


Jan said...

I'd definitely need more than one lucky charm if I were to cycle round the city.