Sunday, 15 May 2011

Childhood musical memories

There’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia - so, what are your favourite musical memories? Does anyone remember Andy Pandy?

I’m of the opinion that an appreciation of music, as mentioned in my latest post at The Dabbler, is something that should be introduced to children from an early age.

When I heard about the Fun with Music CDs by Ann Rachlin, where she narrates stories to famous pieces of classical music, I bought selections of them for all my Godchildren.

I’m also a big fan of nursery rhymes. This wonderful vintage children’s picture book, currently available at ShopCurious, combines the well known Hey Diddle Diddle and Baby Bunting with curiously charming and old fashioned illustrations by famous cartoonist, Randolph Caldecott.

The rare publication dates from 1882, yet the rhymes are as loved today as they were then. This would make a very special heirloom gift for a newborn baby, young child or Godchild.

Anyway, I’m interested to hear your childhood musical memories, so do let me know...

Will you?


Jan said...

Second visit today Susan.
I got distracted via Wikipedia checking out old kids TV programmes.
Anyway, earliest musical memory?
'Don't Bring Lulu' was certainly one of them.
Don't ask.

Susan said...

I will ask Jan as I haven't heard of this programme. I'm going to Google it now..

Susan said...

Actually I had heard of the song. Being curiously blonde today. Duh!