Monday, 30 May 2011

Food, style and brains...

Eating out isn’t just about the food. Presentation is also a significant part of the overall culinary experience. The way dishes are put together on a plate has become something of an art. Of course, it helps if the tableware is aesthetically appealing too.

Fresh ingredients, artfully arranged on a plain white plate, can look very appetizing (though excuse my foot, which crept into one of these shots).

Masters of Asian Fusion style, like Nobu, can turn a simple soup into a beautiful work of art.

Rustic plates in earthy coloured glazes (see below) add to the allure of the dishes.

But ultimately, it’s still the taste that counts. The rather curious looking sloppy brown goo (pictured right) on my plate at the Chelsea Arts Club the other night was absolutely delicious – even though I was a little put off by the thought of eating brains…

I’ll certainly remember the first time I sampled the rather unusual dish of 'curried calves brain, cauliflower puree, rocket and capers'.

If you enjoy cooking up memories, you’ll love this curiously clever food journal from ShopCurious. By the way, whose culinary skills do you most admire?

Do you?

PS Read about the office lunch of the future in my RetroProgressive column this week.


soyoko said...

I am interesting in your products...
May I ask a few question about
your product?

↑is this brooch has brand and in
good condition?

I am happy if you tell me about it:-)

Thank you!!

Susan said...

Hello Soyoko and thanks for your enquiry - this brooch is in excellent condition - you can enlarge the photos on the product page by clicking on them to view. I hope this answers your question?

Jan said...

Can't believe that dish tasted good.
I'm such a wuss when it comes to trying new food.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Presentation is so important I think!
...& food should be photogenic as well~ YUM*

Style Porn said...

I am drooling over these food porn photos! I totally agree that presentation counts for a lot. Sometimes the simplest dishes with fresh ingredients, artfully arranged on a plate, is just as close to perfect as food can get.


Thanks for the military surplus store idea! I definitely found some cute ones! And I always like to recycle ;)

Jill said...

Presentation is very important...and sadly, I'm horrible at it when it comes to food!

Susan said...

You're welcome SP! But Jill, in the photos from your dinner parties, the food always looks amazing...

janettaylor said...

Oooh, foooood! Yummy! I have a diet... but yummy yummy! :D