Friday, 29 July 2011

Accessories for a vintage weekend

Starting today, the Vintage festival at London’s Southbank Centre is the place to be this weekend. There’s an incredible range of activities on offer, from retro shopping and dining to fashion shows, dancing and boat trips on the river. One thing’s for sure, the occasion will make for curiously fascinating people watching.

I’ve noticed that the vintage vibe is filtering down through the generations. Fashion students have led a trend that now sees young people all over the country sporting vintage clothing and accessories – even hair styles, like the quiff and the hair roll, have become rather popular.

A key accessory for any vintage look is a pair of retro sunglasses. If you’re not able to get to the Southbank over the next few days, we’ve a selection of quirky and characterful vintage shades at ShopCurious. Hopefully, you'll actually need to wear them at some stage during the summer.

Anyway, if you’re going along to join in the fun this weekend, we’ll see you there...

Are you?


worm said...

judging by that photo it would appear that make up for men is in fashion too! I would love to visit the vintage festival, we had one here in my home town the other week but it was just in the town hall and Im sure not a patch on what will be available at the southbank!

I had noticed that my wife's hair is getting gradually 'quiffier'

Jan said...

Well, enjoy.
Looking forward to your review of the event.

Profoundly Superficial said...

The joy of shopping vintage is never quite knowing what you will find.

Style Porn said...

Ah, these vintage sunglasses are so cool! I had a pair just like the black rhinestone ones in high school during my "rockabilly" phase (ugh). Some memories are better left buried.