Saturday, 19 November 2011

Curious shopping trends

It’s dark by 4.0 pm, it’s raining, and the high street is a depressingly familiar sight...

But what would you like to see instead of the bright lights of Poundland?

This weekend ShopCurious has an alternative shopping showcase:

At Curious Trends, we’ve a feature on one of London’s most unique curiosity shops – LASSCO at Brunswick House. This architectural salvage emporium is perfect for anyone renovating a home, or simply on the look out for quirky antiques and retro memorabilia (though probably not for a pound).

Over at The Dabbler, we visit curiously colourful and retro-progressive Brixton Market, where you’ll find slow food, ethnic homewares and fabulous vintage fashion.

And we also take a peek at the hi-tech future of retail – just look at this virtual Tesco Homeplus store in South Korea. People in Seoul are shopping from the walls of the subway…

Are you?


David said...

We at David Stead Gallery have been using this system for some time now - Ripon lacking a subway, we shaved our QR codes into the hair of our town's eponymous one horse and when someone gets a smart phone they can gallop after it and buy art direct. Oh yes - no flies on us (apart from the odd horse fly!)

Jill said...

Rain...god I miss it sometimes!