Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A curious sense of deja vu

Sometimes when I read the newspapers I get a curious sense of déjà vu. Take this evening when I actually managed to get hold of a copy of the Evening Standard – no longer available from any local newsagent I have ever been to, but always a much prized read.

When I saw that Meg Mathews referred to her new home (sadly damaged in a recent fire) as her ‘pop box I was reminded of some articles I’d just published (see the previous post). And, of course, of my former boutique Fashion Gallery, as shown in this photograph from 'vintage' magazine Woman's Journal (circa 2000), with its spiral staircase - plus some curiously colourful floral wallpaper in the background.

Decipher eye-roglyphics
– ah yes, we’ve covered curious eyes and all things Egyptian in recent Curious Trends posts.

“V&A has a ball with posh frocks of past 60 years” – well, we’ve been wearing posh frocks for ages (though perhaps not quite that long). And what’s more ShopCurious is selling some wonderful ballgowns and dresses by the likes of royal couturiers Belville Sassoon and Gina Fratini amongst others.

As for India Knight’s Passion for Pink in her Chalk Farm home - we did suggest that Barbara Cartland would make the perfect style icon for 2011.

So who is our icon for 2012, and what trends will we be predicting…


Are you?


Jan said...

The Standard's not what it was.
You however don't look a day older than you did in 2000!
Did Woman's Journal bite the dust?
I think it might have.

Susan said...

All flattery gratefully accepted, Jan! Thankfully the Standard is still around, unlike Woman's Journal. I'm actually a great fan of the old rag - though irritated by the lack of availability to non-commuters. But the paper has transparently become a slave to the PR machine and product placement. What constitutes 'news' has changed beyond recognition over the past decade - even The Times is liberally sprinkled with celebrity tittle tattle - ugh!

worm said...

wow susan that is a very cool pic! I covet that gentleman's tweeds

Susan said...


David said...

Hells Bells Susan! Do you always have an armed minder with you or were you just expecting trouble on that day?

Susan said...

Purely a precautionary measure to ward off any potential shoplifters, David...