Friday, 10 February 2012

Curiously sweet Valentine gifts

Did you know that St Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers? It’s said that this may be related to the sweetness of honey, and sweet gifts as tokens of love. There are certainly plenty of Valentine sweets for sale in the shops – especially of the chocolate variety.

However, if you’d prefer to give your beloved something a little more unique and unusual for Valentine’s Day this year, we’ve some handcrafted, heart-shaped rings by Sagen at ShopCurious. They’re made from recycled porcelain and silver – and can be adjusted to fit any finger size.

And we’ve got some curiously arty cufflinks for him too.

I’m afraid you can’t eat them, but gifts like these should keep your significant other sweet for years to come...

Will you?

PS Order by the end of the weekend for UK delivery in time for Valentine’s Day. Gift wrapping available.


Jan said...

I did not know that.
Bit sad, but me and my S.O.
are way past observing
Valentine's Day.
I know, get the violins out.

Susan said...

It's never too late to rekindle the flame, Jan!

Style Porn said...

Any method of celebrating is co-signed by me, as long as it DOES NOT involve going out to eat. I find the prix fixe menus they roll out during Valentines Day to be insanely overpriced, and normally the food and service isn't that good either!

My bf and I are staying in and I'm making Kale salad and pork chops. I think it'll be just about perfect :)