Friday, 6 February 2009

Pop the question

Other than flowers and jewellery, it’s traditional to give chocolates as a gift for Valentine’s Day. These are often heart-shaped, or typically come in an appropriately shaped red velvet box with an oversized bow. Chocolate's not only delicious, but has a reputation for being ‘psychoactive’ and sales of the stuff have soared during the recent cold weather (click on pics to enlarge).

Apparently the Aztecs prepared a frothy hot chocolate drink from cacao beans, which is thought to have been a stimulant, providing wisdom and vitality. It’s also said that Casanova ate chocolate as an aphrodisiac prior to bedding his conquests.

It’s even rumoured that the high polyphenol levels in chocolate can help protect against heart disease – not sure what the British Heart Foundation would have to say about that.

If you’re looking for a slightly more unusual Valentine gift, I suggest you visit ShopCurious, where you’ll find a selection of intricately handpainted collectable Valentine rings, each bearing a suitably curious question.

The rings are inspired by Italian fumetti/pop-art style comic-strips. Each features its own quirky cartoon beauty and a uniquely curious caption – which is great if you’re looking to pop the question, but a little lacking in courage.

There’s no need to say a word, just put on your curious pop-art Valentine ring and wiggle your finger about in the air – preferably in front of the face of the person you’d like to give you an answer.

Adorably and irresistibly cute, as well as being something of a fashion statement, these unique accessories each have their own story to tell. Not only are they the perfect substitute for chocoholic urges, but these totally original rings overcome the requirement to even open your mouth. Unless, that is, temptation simply gets the better of you …

in which case you might find that you just have to pop a chocolate, as well as popping that leading question.

Do you?

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