Monday, 2 February 2009

Say it with snow

I woke up in London today to this view from my window ( left - click on the pics to enlarge) – which soon turned to this (right) – anyone for a bit of snowbathing?

Curious to find out what was happening outside, I ventured into the local park, where I discovered a proliferation of snowmen along the bank of the River Thames … the race was on as to who could make the biggest.

The snow seems to have put a smile on everyone’s faces. The people of Putney suddenly started talking to each other, old ladies out sweeping their doorsteps spoke of the last time they had seen snow like this and dogs went berserk in the park.

I was going to call this blog ‘say it with flowers’ and tell you about the beautifully scented magnolia and magnolia rose parcels by Catherine Masson that are now available at ShopCurious. They’d make a suitably unique Valentine’s gift and will last much longer than a traditional floral bouquet – both come with a wonderfully fragrant room spray too.

They’ll look really stylish in your wardrobe and the perfume will make it smell fabulous too, as well as keeping nasty bugs at bay - though these are so exquisitely decorated and luxurious that they’re good enough to keep on display in your bedroom.

Then I noticed that someone had an even more romantic gesture to make for Valentine's Day … why not ‘say it with snow’?

Tom, I hope you’re reading this and that you’re able to identify the lovely lady who's got style with brains and a winning smile and who wants you to know that she loves you ...

Are you?
PS It's snowing harder than ever now - can barely see out of my window at all ... help!


Devon Dudgeon said...

My favourite snow day was in Chicago several years back. Even though Chicago is equipped for snow, we had gotten dumped on and the city had not quite caught up yet. As I walked to my friend Kory's apartment, I saw people helping strangers dig their cars out from under the snow, and another person helping an old lady across the street (sounds cliche - but true!). It was great to see the city pulling together.

Then we spent all afternoon with Kory's neighbors drinking hot chocolate, eating tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and singing along to a friend playing the guitar.

Eri said...

I wasn't surreal today?!?!?!
I went to Hyde Park and it was amazing....

Rollergirl said...

Love the smiley snowy car! I read that everyone was helping each other - esp all those poor commuters slipping and sliding their way to work. (I wouldn't know of course, I was too cosied up ay home!)