Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Gents only

How about some quirky Valentine gifts that are just for men?

Talking of ‘Men Only’, I was just listening to the news and heard that WH Smith is withdrawing its Playboy stationery range from shops in the UK – I'm not at all surprised that the Agent Provocateur meets Clinton Cards mass market offering of an iconic brand was deemed to be unsuitable for schoolgirls. And just look at that seedy old Hugh Hefner – is he still alive or in cryogenic suspension? Okay, so lounging around in pyjamas is rather fashionable these days, but pleeeeze … (don't take that for ‘yes please’ by the way).

Wasn't Penthouse Magazine so much more classy and stylish than Playboy? Just look at these early editions, available at ShopCurious, in all their splendid and unique glory with some amazing original photo shoots from the 1960s, featuring real people, without plastic surgery, and wearing some seriously hip and groovy retro clothing.

If the fashions of the day aren’t enough to capture your attention, just look at the bodies. All perfectly healthy and human and unadjusted by the surgeon’s knife. And they don’t look unhappy about it either.

Now I’m going to be even more controversial here and suggest that one of these magazines might make a rather amusing Valentine's Day gift for your beloved, or even an unusual gift for you, because:

1) It’s not serious – and we all know that men don’t like to get too heavy,
2) It’s perfectly tame and not at all like the hard porn that most 13 year olds are looking at every day on the internet,
3) The beautiful vintage 'girlies' are reassuringly normal looking,

4) This magazine is being ‘recycled’ and is hopefully going to be reused many, many more times,
5) It only costs £20 and is a collectors' item … plus you can nab it afterwards to refer to as a style guide for seasons to come.

Now I think that’s good value. And these stylish gents look happy too.

Are you?

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