Friday, 27 February 2009

Motherly love

Not long until that special day when we can give back a little something in return for all the years of unconditional love from our mothers. I’ve come up with a few suggestions for some unique and unusual gifts from ShopCurious that you might like to consider for Mothers' Day

For the very proud parent, who’s spoiled you silly and sent you to all the right schools (and just look how you turned out!), how about a precious piece of jewellery like a pretty marcasite butterfly brooch, which can also be worn as a pendant. It’s such as shame you had to fly away from home, but there you go.

If your mother’s the natural, eco-aware type, how about a useful recycled folio. You know she’ll never get around to using a computer, so she can use this to keep all her reminder lists and pictures of you as a baby. If you do ever remember to send a postcard, she can keep it there too. For the arty Mum, how about a hand painted mother of pearl pendant? She’ll love the fact that it’s handmade and as totally individual as you.

For the country-loving, traditional type you might consider a vintage silk scarf – even better if you can find one from the year that you were born (that’ll bring a tear to her eye no doubt).

If your Mum’s always running around, something pampering and relaxing may be just what she needs. Exotic bath salts from Mad et Len smell divine and they come in a beautiful and old-fashioned style bottle too.

For the nature-lover, a stylish silk corsage is a bit more original than a bunch of tulips. We've one that's really versatile: you can wear it in on your clothing, or as a bracelet - and these make fabulous hair accessories too … plus, you never know, she might even let you borrow it.

Of course, there are some things that all mothers will appreciate – like a nice big hug in return for all those hours of story-telling… and don’t forget to put ‘lots’ of love on your Mothers' Day card. Why not add some extra kisses too…

Will you?

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