Thursday, 15 May 2008

Power dressing - A matter of taste?

What happened to the hotly predicted revival of power dressing? Remember those curiously scary shoulder pads? The American footballer look brought to the office... What if they really were to become a fashionable every day reality again? Would you? Could you?

Might we be influenced by Kim Cattrall's penchant for accentuating her curves in the new Sex and the City film, inspired by the forthcoming release of Dallas, or perhaps the recent revival of the Conservatives to get out those shoulder pads (if indeed we are old enough to remember them, or haven't already removed and thrown them away?)

Isn't it funny how taste develops over time - what's quite acceptable, even aesthetically pleasing one moment suddenly becomes outrageously naff the next - like figurative art and mahogany furniture.

But what goes around usually comes around.. which is always a good excuse for recycling. Take a look at some of our vintage gems - a remarkably stylish looking Celine power dress that might just clinch the job at an interview, an Isabell Kristensen lime green satin number that would grace any aspiring rock star's wardrobe, or an Alexis style suit that would definitely get you noticed in the office this summer. Will you?

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