Friday, 23 May 2008

Chelsea's curiously changing climate

The other day I bumped into a girl who was struggling to carry a small potted olive tree to the lift. "The climate's changing," she explained, "and apparently olive trees are growing really well here now, so I've just got this for my balcony." I responded, "Yes, so long as you keep them out of any freezing cold north easterly winds - should be fine." And indeed, my rather large olive tree is thriving.

The Day of the Triffid?

Not only that, but during the course of the Chelsea Flower Show this week, an as yet unidentified plant (see above - I think it's a variety of yucca?) on my balcony has exploded into flower. At first I was amazed at the speed of the blooming, then rather amused at the curiously erotic eruption emerging ever higher from the splaying depths of the plant - and finally just stunned at the Triffid-like growth, if not a bit concerned that it might twist up through the window and eat me alive in the night.

If you're also a lover of naturally beautiful things, you might be interested in some of the curiosities on offer at ShopCurious. There are some unusual handmade stone ginkgo leaf coasters and placemats - and a couple of really unique raffia bags from the 1950s. One in verdant green with an ultra-stylish bamboo handle. The other in summery white, with blossoming flowers and pretty gold shells - reminds me of 'Mary Mary quite contrary... '
Are you?

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