Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The ultimate recession proof lipstick

I read in an article that City economists follow lipstick sales to monitor potential upturns or downturns in the nation's fiscal wellbeing. Curiously, when things get tight, apparently (according to the Mail on Sunday) women spurn expensive designer dresses in favour of more modest retail therapy, which has resulted in increased lipstick sales in US department stores over the past few months - a time when other areas of department store spending have experienced significant falls.

Nicola White, 23 who works at House of Fraser department store in London's Oxford Street explained that although she was watching her finances, she still wanted to indulge herself: "Buying an inexpensive treat like a lipstick gives me instant satisfaction and lifts an outfit without my having to purchase a new pair of shoes or a bag which can be expensive".

We've come up with an even better solution to those cravings for luscious lippy - it's called Colorsport lipstain. It's so damned inexpensive that you can afford to buy a few at a go and still have change to spare to go towards that stylish bag or those smart new shoes. Even better, there's no need for frequent money wasting applications as this lipstick lasts for up to 12 hours.

This strikes me as the original sort of stuff that glamorous Hollywood filmstars have been wearing for years... And I can also personally vouch for this lipstick - the colours are fabulous and it really does work. But best of all it's curiously cheap and chic. Will you?

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