Monday, 12 April 2010

Blossom springs eternal

Spring has finally sprung, in an exploding confection of sugary pink blossom.

However hard the winter, Spring arrives at roughly the same time every year, with a fecund flourish of magnificent, flowering buds.

The eternal beauty of Spring never ceases to amaze and uplift the spirit.

(click on the photos to enlarge)

If you share my love of blossom, this unique. vintage 1950s, floral raffia handbag, available at ShopCurious, is covered in candy coloured blooms, and simply perfect for Spring weddings , or dressy outdoor occasions. Pastel pink, camellia and candy colour accessories are going to be big this season too.

Enjoy the fabulous fruits of the Spring!

Will you?


Make Do Style said...

Susan it is gorgeous as is the green one too - will me for some more work!!

elizabeth avedon said...


Jan said...

Lovely sight to behold - the arrival of the buds & blossoms is very welcome!

Jill said...

Beautiful pics! I just love Spring.