Thursday, 22 April 2010

Time capsule trends

‘Too fast to live, too young to die’ - the curiously appropriate final declaration of Malcolm McLaren’s life, daubed punk-style, along the side of his coffin... Seems like death has become the ultimate style statement.

Curious trends aside, we asked members of our group at Are you ShopCurious? on Polyore to create a digital time capsule to commemorate their life, reflecting their individual style, personal achievements, wishes and dreams.

We were totally stunned at the response to our contest and the amazing standard of entries. The time capsules include favourite people, places, fashion, art, design objects, films, books, music, curiosities, feelings and the things most special to each creator. The winners are shown here, but it was almost too difficult to choose - there were so many fabulous submissions, so do browse through all 65 time capsules.

My Time Capsule


Nature's Accesories

You never know what you will find

Curious lifetime memories

My Time Capsule: ShopCurious
My Time Capsule: ShopCurious by Kyla Ferguson

Our mortality may seem a rather unusual thing to dwell upon, but none of us is immortal. So what’s the message you’d like to leave behind? Is the unique brand you've created on your website, blog, Facebook page, or through your tweets, how you would like to be remembered for posterity? Or perhaps you already have your own time capsule…

Do you?


worm said...

I dont think anything I have ever written will be worth leaving behind, so I guess I hope to have lots of children instead, and they can be my time capsules!

Jill said...

I hope friends/family look back and think..."laughter".

Susan said...

I've learned loads of amazingly interesting stuff from your blog, worm, so your children are bound to be brilliantly educated - I expect they'll turn out to be great ambassadors for you too.

Jill, laughter is the best medicine - here's hoping there's plenty of laughter in the afterlife!