Friday, 2 April 2010

Have a curiously happy and healthy Easter!

Lest you think you’ve stumbled upon one of those strange sites selling all sorts of curious and unmentionable devices that are usually kept hidden away in a bedside drawer, don't be mistaken - this is just an alternative Easter blog post. If you’re the curious type, you may have noticed the current fashion for luxury erotica. Even so, I was rather surprised to find a lady selling designer sex toys at London Fashion Week.

In these times when everything seems to be reduced to the lowest common denominator, little shocks any more. Women’s magazines indulge us in graphic descriptions of basic bodily functions and popular prime time TV programmes include the likes of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies. Is this mere voyeurism for us hitherto stiff upper lipped Brits, or are we taking the lead from our fellow Europeans, like the Dutch and the Scandinavians, in becoming more open and direct with regard to our physiology?

Compared to many, I’m probably considered postively prudish, but my curiosity was aroused by Shiri Zinn's decorative glass eggs, now available to order at ShopCurious.

It’s recommended that we keep fit in order to live a long and healthy life. However, some parts of our body are more difficult to workout than others – mainly because we can’t localize them easily. This is the case with the lower pelvic floor muscles which, without regular exercise, weaken and lose their resilience. Aging and childbirth also reduce the flexibility and sensitivity of this area.

The eggs come in three handy sizes, of varying weights, and can be used to train those parts that can’t otherwise be reached. It’s suggested that you start with the lightest egg. In fact, the instructions are curiously amusing:

- Always wear knickers while training…This is because the solid eggs are heavy and can fall out onto your toes or break if they hit hard flooring;

- Eggs will always come out naturually if you laugh, sneeze, cough or push gently in a similar manner to making a bowel movement;

- A woman that practices regularly can learn to use two eggs in opposite directions until they hit each other gently. The vibrations can be heavenly.

It’s an added bonus that the ornamental eggs are also tasteful enough to double up as pretty objets d’art for your dressing table or mantelpiece. Anyway, if you’re on the lookout for unusual gifts this Easter, these curiously erotic eggs may just hit the spot.

Are you?


Jill said...

Easter always reminds me of my Grandfather...which is a good thing, but also very sad.

Happy Easter you Curious Woman!

Gadjo Dilo said...

Wow, great eggs. We coloured eggs this year, as tradition dictates, using onion skins and leaves to make patterns on them, and very twee they look too :-)

Miri said...

I like your alternative easter eggs! They'd probably last longer than the chocolate kind =)