Monday, 19 April 2010

Grace Kelly style: timeless with a quirky twist

Last May, we featured retro fashion and accessories from the 1950s and ‘60s. I was so surprised when I visited the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum to discover that some of the pieces on offer at ShopCurious are uncannily similar to those worn by the late filmstar and Princess of Monaco.

Take a look for yourself:

One of the exhibits on show is Grace’s classic black dress, designed by Edith Head for Rear Window (see above). Our original 1950s lace version, left, looks almost identical.

She carried her pet poodle Oliver everywhere, so it’s hardly surprising that one of Grace’s signature pieces of jewellery was a poodle brooch, The fine gold one on display in the V and A’s exhibition (left) is every bit as quirky as our charmingly curious vintage costume pooch.

In this photo, Grace wears creamy white framed sunglasses, just like ours.

And our vintage lilac net skirt looks remarkably similar to this dress, designed by Helen Rose for Grace Kelly in the film High Society. The princess loved pastel shades – and now they’re back in fashion once again.

Grace Kelly's curiously clever style

We’ve even got some opera gloves in the style of those worn by Princess Grace - plus a selection of snakeskin handbags, exotic kaftans and printed silk scarves – all items favoured by one of the most stylish and glamorous Hollywood stars ever.

Grace Kelly simply oozed timeless elegance, but her personality and sense of fun were expressed through unique accessories and touches of individual embellishment. I call that style with brains.

Do you?

PS Look out for our Grace Kelly giveaway - coming soon.


janettaylor said...

Babaaaabooom! I need a poodle brooch or brooches! So kitchy but adorable! haha!

abril en paris said...

I Haven't words...AMAZING !
xx :-))

Make Do Style said...

Wonderful selection - Edith Head's costumes were always available via patterns deals or step by step guides in magazines. They were never exactly the same but adapted with Paramount's consent, they had lots of tie ins.

Anonymous said...

Classic and glamorous- what a lady. Grace Kelly's style never gets old, and looks great on modern bodies, too. No need to look stick-thin like Audrey Hepburn. Just hourglass and beautiful. Can't wait to see what ShopCurious finds next!