Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New blue vintage style?

I wasn’t expecting to be writing a blog post, so forgive me if this rushed affair is full of typos and strange sentences you wouldn’t normally expect me to utter.

I’d imagine my sentiments - probably yours too - are much akin to those the political parties are having to deal with at this very moment. For some it’s a feeling of bereavement, for others a marriage (made in heaven or hell, who knows..) For the majority it’s whole new image – and what on earth will that look like?

Whatever, it’s a change. Just let the voter beware. And leave the marketing men to grapple with the coalition logo… let alone the curious colour combo (suggestion below).

I must say I found Gordon’s dress sense as dour as his personality (photo above courtesy of Personnel Today). As for his children, (sadly roped in), I thought the choice of clothing for their final farewell was totally inappropriate. Who on earth would dress their kids in baggy, rapper style jeans with shirts hanging out to address the whole world, when the very quintessence of British style is surely what's called for on such occasions? Smacks of the Beckhamisation of politics to me...

On this day, when the Evening Standard’s ‘Fashion, Style and Sex’ section featured ‘Blue Sky Dressing’ (aka ‘double denim’), I say, please, no more dumbing down! We deserve and need something a little more formal. So, how about this vintage blue Mrs T style number from ShopCurious? Should make ‘sex outside’ curiously thrilling.

Of course, I’m looking forward to more responsible times. And more appropriate dress.

Are you?

With congratulations to David Cameron (and Nick Clegg I suppose?)


etoilee8 said...

Definitely a feeling of bereavement here. In comparison to the American conservative party, it's not nearly as bad but, still I feel a bit disappointed.

Jan said...

I thought Gordon's kids looked cute, but would agree on the jeans.
I'd rather they left the kids out of it altogether though.
Let the squabbling begin!