Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sporty Summer giveaway

I’ve been waiting for an opportune moment to mention the Reebok giveaway* at ShopCurious and, now that Summer (or at least a spot of sunshine) seems to have arrived, I think the time has come..

I was recently asked to participate in a trial of the new EasyTone shoes by Reebok – the ones that are supposed to give you a work out just by walking in them. When nature intervened, my plans for everything were interrupted by volcanic ash from Iceland, and I ended up testing out said shoes in the sunny Caribbean.

I usually shun mainstream brands, but the fitness market is somewhat limited in terms of the range of practical-yet-stylish clothing on offer. Moreover, my curiosity was aroused by the unique design of the EasyTone Curve Trainers– and claims that just stepping out in a pair of these specially engineered shoes could help tone up the legs. Hmmm..

Reebok rather generously sent me a complete outfit, along with the curious looking footwear. In terms of styling, the whole ensemble was a little more ‘pensioners playground’ (described by the Evening Standard as ‘definitely not the place to wear Lycra, ‘feel the burn’ or consume energy drinks) than dance studio cool. The bootleg exercise pants were curiously slimming, though the bottoms were a little strangely cut (to fit over shoes?);

The top was comfortable enough, but I couldn’t be doing with the weird little toggles that get caught up if you wave your hands about (as I do when aerobically challenged); The sleeveless ‘jerkin’ (a word that time forgot, but the only appropriate one I could find to describe it), was an oversized hip-hop style oddity; Even the shoes were curiously clunky looking - but hey, if they help to firm up those leg muscles, who’s to complain...

Anyway, I certainly put the trainers through their paces. I’d say they’re damned difficult to do a regular high impact exercise class in – and jogging is pretty hard going too (especially at 30C degrees). They feel peculiarly imbalanced to wear as well, but that’s why they’re supposed to be so effective:

The pads (or pods) on the bottom of the shoe are designed to cause instability, similar to the effect of walking along a beach. No surprise then, that a walk along a real beach in these shoes is like doing a triple strength work out. They make a great sand print too. The only problem is that sand gets stuck in the holes in the top of the shoe (guess they weren’t intended for beachwear).

Easytone trainers are perfect for walking though, better still speed-walking, as well as posing in front of Giorgio Armani’s stylish Caribbean villa. And they say that walking burns almost as many calories as jogging, plus it’s better for the joints too. So there you go... and the overall rating I give them is:

Style 6/10 (a matter of personal taste, of course)
Comfort 8/10
Fit 9/10
Performance 8/10 (it's the sand factor!)

Now for the giveaway. Just comment on this blog, and you’ll be entered into the prize draw for a natty black Reebok gym bag (left). Whether or not you’re inspired by the fashion for fitness, this is a decent sized (approx 60 cm across), sturdily made holdall.

*Simply add a comment to this post before the closing date of Friday 28th May to be included in the draw for a free Reebok gym bag.

Will you?

PS Congratulations to Jan from Race of Style, the winner of our Grace Kelly book giveaway.


rieno said...

now summer is here i am feeling inspired to get up and get fit, the reebok easy tones look great and am hoping will keep me motivated for when i get a pair the only thing i am wondering is how expensive they are?

worm said...

"I ended up testing out said shoes in the sunny Caribbean."

jealous? moi?

Susan said...

Rieno, if you click on the link in the post above, the shoes are featured. Says they are £80.

No need to go to the Caribbean, worm - what fabulous weather this weekend!

Chas said...

Sounds great!

j.nes said...

I've been debating about getting some shoes like those... these look pretty promising!