Friday, 14 May 2010

Pre-wedding butterflies?

If you’re planning to get married in the near future, you’re highly likely to suffer from pre-wedding nerves – often referred to as 'butterflies in the stomach'. Butterflies are symbolically associated with romance, and this strange ‘all of a flutter’ feeling is one you might also experience when you first fall in love.

Looks like Kylie Minogue is head over heels (in love) in the recent photo shoot by David Slijper for Elle magazine. On the cover of this June’s Elle, Kylie has literally got butterflies on her stomach… Okay, they’re acutally beautifully hand painted and embroidered onto the unique, vintage silk obi belt from ShopCurious that she’s wearing in the photograph.

Kylie now has “more than 22 years of pop stardom under her belt”, and many are wondering if she’ll ever settle down. Elle’s Kerry Potter asks Kylie if choosing a wedding dress is something that might eventually happen and, if so, who would she want to design it. Check out the article if you’re curious to know her answer to this and other fashion related questions, such as her favourite designers, costumes and style preferences.

I’m more curious to know what’s triggered the current trend for butterfly inspired accessories..

Are you?


abril en paris said...

Yours texts always so interesting and
accompanied of beautiful photos.

worm said...

butterflies are the cupcakes of the insect world

Susan said...

That's sweet of you to say, abril x

And thanks for your curiously inspired comment, worm! So true.

Jan said...

I remember that feeling !
Probably just as well it's not permanent.
Can't not love butterflies, real or on accessories - always happy to see their appearance
(every year isn't it?)

Susan said...

Yes Jan, shame 'that feeling' doesn't return every year too.. x

elledee said...

I love Kylie! I think I like the belt as well, this stuff always pops up around spring doesn't it?

atelier said...

lovely photos