Sunday, 6 June 2010

Brace yourself for Fathers' Day

Now the Summer season is upon us, men are jazzing up their outfits with all manner of curious accessories. I’ve seen bow ties, quirky cufflinks, Panama hats, patent shoes – and quite a few pairs of designer braces.

Braces, also known as suspenders by our American friends, are often worn by the sort of men who love to be the centre of attention. They were popular in the 1920s and '30s – I’d imagine Jay Gatsby was big on braces. Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street was single handedly responsible for a lot more suspenders in the City from the late1980s. More recently, the new Dr Who, Matt Smith, also appears to be quite a fan of trouser braces.

If your father’s the extrovert type, a pair of braces may be just the unusual sort of gift he'd appreciate. Of course, the braces would have to be suitably original – and I think we’ve got just the thing at ShopCurious…

Our curiously unique Boa Brummell braces by ORWOT! are made by Albert Thurston of Leicester, the oldest braces manufacturer in the world.

Handcrafted in England, the luxury braces are embellished with a real gold or silver snake - individually hand embroidered by the same firm that has worked for the last eight Kings and Queens of England.

Each pair of bejewelled Boa Brummells comes with a choice of button hooks, or specially engraved clips. What’s more, the snake’s eyes are made from real precious gem stones that twinkle in the light, which should set off Dad's evening attire a treat.... And they're guaranteed to hold up his trousers too.

Order now and we promise a pair will be with your pere in time for Fathers’ Day - 20th June. Go on, make it a day he'll never forget.

Will you?


Maeko Wong said...

I always wonder what is the use of suspenders? To keep your pants on? LoL. I'm still unsure of what to get my dad. Perhaps, I'll just send him an e-card.

worm said...

never understood braces - or those wierd silver expander things men in shirts used to wear above their elbows. Or sock garters, which I had to wear at prep school, and which were only ever used in the dining room to ping across the room at people and often lead to cool eye injuries

Susan said...

So you'd prefer a designer eye patch?

worm said...

and/or cape

Jan said...

I kind of like them as a decorative accessory - men have so few options.
I'm pretty sure there are a few city guys around who refused to let go of the revival in the 80's.
We should start a campaign.

Jill said...

The snake suspenders/braces are so frigging cool! My ex-husband wore them. He was very Ralph Laurenified. The present husband does not...but oh my, I love those!!

Susan said...

Aw Jill, love your post - how come your photos look better than mine?!