Thursday, 17 June 2010

Princesses and paperweights for Papa

If your father enjoys collecting, he’ll be very impressed with a gift that’s a genuine retro curiosity. However, the art of collecting is largely a matter of personal taste - so if you want to find something that’s both collectable and also likely to appeal, it’s best to have a good idea of the recipient’s taste, as well as knowing where to source authentic collectibles from.

ShopCurious has a few suggestions for you, if you’re looking for especially unique and unusual gifts for Fathers’ Day. Retro curiosity number one is this totally beautiful 1960s perspex paperweight – a unique piece of tourist memorabilia.

You can tell it’s from Portugal because, as they say, it’s written on the tin (or at least within the divinely syrupy amber resin). Also inside, is a stylish filigree carved Portuguse galleon – the perfect gift if your Dad loves fishing, fish and chips or anything to do with the sea.

If your pa’s good with his hands, he might prefer this Steampunk style retro curiosity, which should keep him curious for ages.

Just how did they get all those nuts, bolts, cogs and horological paraphernalia into that square of honey coloured perspex?

Your Dad will love this if he’s the sort of chap who’s a bit of a tinker, and tends to spend quite a lot of time in his garden shed…

Alternatively, if he’s the smooth, well travelled and worldly type, some suitably unique accessories like these curiously exotic vintage African Princess cufflinks might be the order of the day.

Whatever his personal taste, there’s no better way to flatter and amuse any man than with a curiously appropriate gift.

Will you?


Profoundly Superficial said...

Love the African princesses... wish they were earrings!

Jill said...

love the cufflinks!

Jan said...

I had no idea Father's Day began so long ago - interesting.