Thursday, 10 June 2010

Spice boy, or salty old sea dog?

England expects every man to do his duty… and, whilst it’s not obligatory to have kids, being a fabulous father will certainly count in any man’s favour.

Dads are usually great at mending things and can come in handy on all sorts of occasions, especially when flat-packed furniture is involved. It’s probably because they grew up making models of ships and aircraft, and all manner of curious craft, that came in boxes with little pots of paint.

This vintage model making kit of HMS Victory is the ideal Fathers’ Day gift, especially if your Dad’s the handy DIY sort.

Alternatively, if Papa’s the smooth, sophisticated, sailing type, he’ll treasure his memories of the Grand Turk. Over the years, Old Spice containers have portrayed sixteen different ships, which is why we can date this rare and unused gift set to the late 1960s. Old Spice memorabilia is not only collectable, but the after shave smells simply divine (in a curiously old fashioned, fatherly sort of way).

Whether your father’s a fragrantly smooth sailor chap, or a ruggedly self-sufficient old sea dog, ShopCurious has some really cool and original retro gifts for Fathers’ Day.

Will you?


worm said...

the illustrations on that model are brilliant!

You've also got me wondering what old spice smells like..

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

My grandfather loved this Old Spice!
Hope the new generation would discover this classic~

Jan said...

None of the men I've known liked Old Spice, but I always did.

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