Tuesday, 22 June 2010

British tea time treasures

Here in the UK, we’re currently suffering from stresses and strains on all fronts:

Firstly, if you’re an England supporter, you’re understandably going to be feeling a little depressed at the moment.

There’s also the added worry that our economy is headed down the tubes – and the potential implications of the Chancellor’s emergency Budget on our finances is rather vexing (I’m still curious to know exactly what it means for me.. are you?)

Plus, now it’s Wimbledon fortnight too - so we’re going to be agonizing over Andy and fretting about the weather forecast for a while.

Thankfully, us Brits have a universal panacea to all our woes in the form of the great British cuppa.

However, just in case our manifold troubles are causing you to feel a little less patriotic than usual, I’d like to suggest a little teatime jollification. Why not celebrate British heritage by investing in one of these curiously collectable vintage royal commemorative tins from ShopCurious?

They make perfect tea caddies and are great as biscuit tins too… What’s more, these sorts of heirloom collectibles can often turn out to be quite a wise investment.

Best of all, the beaming monarchical faces adorning these splendid tins will have you gloriously grinning with pride as you sip a cup of strong tea and dunk a few biccies –

unless, perhaps, you prefer to toast Her Majesty with a glass of cider…

Do you?


Jan said...

Trying to be positive about the team tomorrow! (and Andy) but you're right Susan, tea is the great panacea.

Style Porn said...

I love these! They'd be so darling displayed prominently in a stylish, well appointed kitchen (too bad I don't have one of those...)

Profoundly Superficial said...

Fabulous! And you're right, they're wonderful heirlooms!

Queen Marie said...

Susan! I'm always looking for 'teatime jollification' and I love love love these.
It's also another case of blogger synergy, I've put a post together for the weekend about vintage Queen Elizabeth teatime things too.


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

luv them Susan!
suddenly I want to wear a crown tiara!

worm said...

those tins are seriously cool!!!

atelier said...

lovely post.hopefully England will win the next game :)

Leah said...

These are so great! What great treasures!

Stéphane Malingue said...