Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Icon of beauty

In memory of Dame Elizabeth Taylor who sadly died today at the age of 79.

Famed for her striking violet eyes and fiery temper, Elizabeth Taylor was the classic beauty of her age. The child star of National Velvet was a fine actress – most notably in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, in which she starred with the love of her life and on-off husband, Richard Burton. ShopCurious pays tribute to Elizabeth Taylor with clips from these films:

This is how I will remember her.

Will you?


Jan said...

Hi Susan, (we're simultaneously commenting now!)
I'm feeling pretty sad about Elizabeth actually.
A true legend.
p.s. I just came across someone on a message board feeling a bit miffed that the Americans are claiming her as their own.
I kind of know why they would say that, she was after all a Hampstead girl.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

RIP dear beautiful & generous Liz~
she had such tiny waist in that photo, Susan! My mom & I idolize her very much!


abril en paris said...

Preciosa y llena de talento. Nunca la olvidaremos. Sus ojos, su mirada la más intensa del cine.

Iris Fitzgerald said...

I think I must have watched all of Ms Elizabeth Taylor movies from National Velvet to the wildly famous, Cat on a Hot tin roof. I remember that one because we acted it out in one of my high school english plays. I played Mama, oh well,

Ms. Taylor was and will always be remembered for her beauty. RIP.