Monday, 28 March 2011

Which muse to choose?

Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, fashion designers’ muses are often celebrity icons – actresses, singers, models, or well connected celebtocracy types. As Liz London’s pop-art style fashion muse inspired artworks are currently available at ShopCurious, I decided to take a closer look at the role of the celebrity muse.

Free clothing and accessories, plus masses of attention grabbing publicity are some of the perks of the muse’s job, but what must she (or, increasingly ‘he’) offer in return? Here’s my list of the top 10 requirements of a job spec. for musedom:

1) Beauty or aesthetic appeal
2) A ‘coat-hanger’ body to show off the latest designs
3) A large following, to get designs noticed
4) Wealthy friends, who might buy designer creations
5) Relationship issues – always good for extra publicity
6) A willingness to be re-styled every season
7) Some semblance of individuality for inspiration
8) An ability to walk in high heeled shoes
9) A good PR firm
10) A love of fashion, or a talented stylist.

We may well think it’s all air-heads and freebies, but celebrity fashion is hugely commercial, and even muses have to pull their weight (oops, did I mention weight?)

And, of course, there are some muses who fall outside this categorization - who have their own arty, eccentric, and curiously inspirational style, like the late Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga.

Anyway, if you’ve got any additional points to add to the list, do let me know.

Will you?


worm said...

I've obviously missed my calling - I should be a muse! all enquiries to the usual address please

Jan said...

A willingness to sleep with the designer initially sprang to mind - but the chances of that being a requirement are pretty slim of course.
Unless ...
Oh just ignore me.
Interesting post.
Have a good week.

Jill said...

OH, I've always wanted to be a muse! A muse for a shoe designer would be heavenly, since I don't have the required "coat hanger" bod!!

Susan said...

Good point, Jan - with many permuations!

What about the Main Man, Jill? I thought you were his muse?

Worm, the catwalk awaits - I've heard you walk so elegantly in high heeled shoes...

Mary ♥ Mur said...

♥Love your blog♥