Monday, 21 March 2011

Vintage motherly style

For a curiously classic, grown-up look, there’s no accessory that signifies responsible, motherly style more than the traditional silk twill Hermes scarf.

Princess Anne has always been a fan and is often seen wearing one when cheering on her daughter, Zara, at show jumping events.

Margaret Thatcher used to be a great headscarf wearer too, especially when addressing a large audience at an outdoor venue.

Then there were the leading ladies – movie icons like Audrey Heburn, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly, along with famous First Lady, Jackie Onassis. And not forgetting the most regal wearer of all – Her Majesty The Queen.

If you’re feeling particularly generous this Mothers’ Day, I can think of nothing more appropriate as a gift than one of the selection of collectable vintage Hermes silk scarves at ShopCurious.

You can always borrow it too - and if you don’t fancy the traditional look, there are plenty of other ways of wearing a scarf. Just make sure you remember to return it to Mum afterwards.

Will you?


Jill said...

The first gift my husband gave me was an Hermes scarf. I'm not really an Hermes scarf type of girl. I was wondering what the hell he was thinking???

Susan said...

Perhaps he wanted to tie you up with it, Jill?

Jan said...

I've always thought this a great look IF one can carry it off (like Audrey, Grace et al ...
er, maybe not Her Maj)
I'd just look really ridiculous.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I would just wrap around my bag handle & not on me~ cute look i think!
Oh the Queen looks so adorable there!