Saturday, 5 March 2011

Paris blossoms into springtime

They say there’s nowhere like Paris in the springtime, but I’ve noticed something rather curious about the city at this time of year… Unlike London, the centre doesn’t seem to have so many trees – at least not of the blossoming variety.

Never mind, the French make up for it in style. If you’re in Paris for Fashion Week, look out for the blossom in shops, restaurants and hotels. Here are a few photographs from my travels around the city:

The prettily decorated Tresor by Brigitte Masson in the Marais district (curiously reminiscent of my former boutique, Fashion Gallery in the late 1990s) always has a lovely window display – this one featuring a blossom-dressed, quirky papier mache mannequin.

The Japanese influence appears to be quite popular this season (see today’s post at The Dabbler for more on this trend in photography) - artificial cherry trees appear in quite a few shop windows, along with other more curious flower-filled displays.

And not forgetting the twinkling tree lined avenues and arty floral arrangements in grand hotel foyers, like the George V, as shown below.

Anyway, if you’re looking to bring some slightly lower maintenance Far Eastern floral style into your life, how about these beautifully decorated gold and black lacquered vintage bowls from ShopCurious? There are six altogether – each one featuring a unique, hand painted Japanese design. There’s a lovely lacquer box with abalone shell inlay too, which would be perfect for Mothers’ Day.

Or you could always take Mum to see the curiously blossoming Paris in the springtime…

Will you?


Jan said...

It all looks wonderful.
Have to get myself on that
train at some point.
(That's right - I've never been!)

Susan said...

Jan, never Paris? On the Eurostar?

worm said...

great pics susan!

Susan said...

Thanks worm!

Style Porn said...

I love all the asian-motifs in fashion and home decor. The Japanese just seem to have this superior sense of the beauty and utility of objects. And as someone who arbitrarily likes stuff (not too particular about it actually) I respect that.

Jan said...

I know.
Ridiculous isn't it?

Susan said...

Curiously commendable from an environmental perspective!

Jill said...

My peach tree is blossoming. It's made me a very happy woman!