Monday, 4 July 2011

Chameleon-cool light sculptures

Moving swiftly on from curiously colourful clothing to vibrantly coloured lighting…

A curious trend in lighting design is that lamps are becoming more sculptural. These days, many lights are more akin to sculptural works of art. Designers are also lighting up interior furnishings so that pieces of furniture double up as lamps too. Coloured lighting effects are looking to be especially popular.

Our latest StyleCurious interview features the wooden designs of inventive designer-maker, Graham Marjanovic, whose unique light sculptures are now available at ShopCurious.

Graham’s lamps are cleverly designed to combine the natural beauty of sustainably sourced organic wood with colour-adjustable LED lighting – so you can change the colour of your lighting to suit your mood:

Will you?


janettaylor said...

Love it!


Profoundly Superficial said...


They look like they've been produced by technicolour woodworms with a great sense of geometry!

Jan said...

The morphing colours might be relaxing - or stimulating -
Can't decide.