Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Couture and stars at Claridge's

I was impressed by my old friend Nicholas Oakwell’s debut couture show, held in Claridge’s elegant French Salon on Monday. His first collection, inspired by the scenic designs of Robin and Christopher Ironside, was unusual without being overly showy.

Sophisticated designs in luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, chiffon, lace, leather and silk jersey incorporated draping, pleats, ruffles and beading. Large collars and exaggerated shoulders were very much in evidence – and bang on trend for the coming season.

As the team who’d put so much effort into creating the collection and presenting the fashion show relaxed backstage, I managed to sneak a few ‘behind the scenes’ shots. I was rather taken by the dramatic Ironside print cape…lined with feathers – and the classic chiffon gowns, with beading and delicate starry motifs.

Talking of stars, we’ve a lovely pair of vintage, star shaped clip-on earrings at ShopCurious. Delicately embellished with mother of pearl and iridescent rhinestones, they’d probably work rather well with Nicholas’s designs.

I wouldn’t mind one of the dresses either, though I’m curious to know the price…

Are you?


Jan said...

Love the dress in pic 5
and the starry motifs.

Susan said...

That's my favourite too, Jan. It's so refreshing to see a show where the dresses are the stars, rather than the people sitting in the front row!

Profoundly Superficial said...

Oh dear, that's my favourite too! Either we're going to have to form a girl group or else be in constant contact before every red carpet occasion about who gets to wear 'the dress'!

Style Porn said...

I want to live in these dresses, and if I bought one I would probably have to. I hope it transforms into a house as well, because I probably wouldn't be able to afford an apartment either.