Thursday, 7 July 2011

Eccentric travels in time and space

What a fabulous idea: an exhibition dedicated to eccentricity. Pop down to the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford for some ‘unexpected objects and irregular behaviour.’

Hear stories of the eccentric owners of some of the extraordinary items in the museum’s collection. Plus, there’s a whole programme of events running through the summer – and, in case you’re away, the show’s open until 16th October, 2011.

Talking of the history of science, we’ve a beautifully illustrated, curiously collectable out of print book at ShopCurious.

Even the notion of landing on the moon would have been considered somewhat eccentric when this book was published in 1961, but soon we’ll be holidaying in space…

Anyway, Timothy’s Space book would make a lovely gift for an inquisitive child – or for anyone who’s incurably curious.

Are you?

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Profoundly Superficial said...

Timothy's Space Book? Love it! That little face says it all...