Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas party cufflinks

Giving a man a nice pair of cufflinks is the equivalent of giving an expensive bottle of perfume to a woman. It's something you might not wear every day, but when you do, you feel really special – and everyone seems to notice.

These days, men tend not to dress up so much, but there are still some for whom the double cuff shirt is a daily uniform. In fact, I've noticed quite a bit of competition amongst men, over who's wearing the most quirky and unusual cufflinks.

These vintage silver and Lucite ‘pink rose’ cufflinks from ShopCurious will certainly get you noticed, as they’re totally unique and full of character. Perfect for special occasions, such as the office Christmas party – or, if you haven’t got your Christmas presents yet, they'd make a wonderfully original stocking filler.

Curiously cool, with timeless style – now that’s what I call a classy combination.

Do you?


Jill said...

The cufflinks arrived today!!!! They are beautiful. Thanks...

Susan said...

You're very welcome - glad you like them... and hope your toe is feeling better x