Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all our customers and everyone in the blogosphere a curiously cracking Christmas. Here’s a curious card I picked up at my local newsagents-cum-Post Office: Thought you might appreciate a rather quirky take on London in the snow - as it was a few days ago. Not sure if Chelsea has ever looked quite this pastoral, but its prettification has a certain quaint and timeless olde worlde seasonal charm... (by the way, that's not a fashion season I'm referring to and no, this isn't a blog about trends, though nostalgia is pretty big at the moment).

If you travel a little outside London (just 20 miles up the A41 will do) you can find the real thing – as I discovered last weekend when driving to a party in deepest Buckinghamshire. See the photo left (taken from a car window) of the English countryside looking peaceful and serenely beautiful - though it was actually fairly treacherous on the roads.

And now a selection of rather more stylish Christmas greetings from some very wonderful members of Are you ShopCurious? at Polyvore, who are all so creative, clever and inspiring – I’m totally in awe…


"Season Greetings"
"Season Greetings"

Meditation by alyssam88

For Shopcurious

For Shopcurious by caramilka

Thank you for being curious in 2009.

I’m really looking forward to another year of style with brains in 2010.

Are you?


janettaylor said...

Wonderful Xmas, darling Susan!


Liz.Blog said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! I look forward to more of your great posts in 2010!