Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Festive pillow talk

I received this card today, from friends who are sensibly going somewhere sunny for Christmas. The hastily scrawled message inside reads, “sorry we will be away this year, but have one for us xxx”

Having narrowly escaped illness all year, despite being sneezed upon by everyone around me (babies in pushchairs in Post Office queues have been the worst offenders), I was happily in the midst of a frenzied whirl of work, present hunting and festive fun…but now I feel like I’m finally about to come down with a cold. So, I’m dosed up with Vitamin C - as the prospect of looking like a red-nosed reindeer in a party dress doesn’t really appeal.

Thanks for rubbing it in guys – I’ve taken on board the curiously cool dark glasses idea… I'll probably need them more than you!

Anyway, I was briefly on the sofa, propped up with a selection of my favourite cushions, in front of the TV. In fact, I was just thinking about making a honey and lemon drink, when I started to panic about Christmas Day. It’s hardly surprising that the festive season is a time of undue stresses and strains – not just on the waistline, but the temper can get terribly frayed too. According to research by Jarlsberg cheese, statistics show that families will have their first argument at 9.58am on Christmas Day.

Apparently, the order of play on the average Christmas day goes something like this:

Get up: 7.55am
Open presents: 8.19am
Eat breakfast: 9.02am
First chocolate is eaten: 8.39am
Family argument: 9.58am
Tell off the kids at: 11.07am
Time of first alcoholic drink: 11.49am
Sit down to Christmas dinner: 3.24pm
First person falls asleep: 4.59pm
Play board game at: 5.46pm
Time for bed: 11.39pm

The survey concludes that, due to the high level of excitement and expectations, as well as so many things going on, “it's important to remember that Christmas can't always be perfect - not everything may run to plan."

As I dozed in and out of slumber on the sofa (no I wasn’t dribbling, honest), I suddenly thought that a few extra cushions might also be rather useful on Christmas day – and we've got plenty to choose from at ShopCurious.

There are so many advantages of giving and receiving cushions as Christmas gifts:

1) Cushions are great if you’re indisposed with seasonal flu, you need a little lie down after lunch, or find yourself curiously crashed out after a tad too much of the old liqueur;

2) They’re suitable for gents and ladies alike – (though it’s always a good idea to consider the recipient’s style and taste when choosing a design);

3) Parents love cushions too – especially the type that bring back memories of places you've visited together... and a cheesy message always goes down well;

4) They can make a very romantic present too;

5) Cushions are timeless gifts that can be used all year round - and they should last for many years to come, if you treat them with love and respect;

6) Best of all, they can be used for pillow fights on Christmas day.

Do let us know if your cushions come in handy over the holiday break.

Will you?

PS Oops, I forgot to mention that cushions can be fabulously decorative too - and they make a home feel really cosy....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Get well soon dear...try ginger tea with honey (boil fresh diced ginger)
works wonders!

❤✿PaintHead said...

Lovely, i can't remeber the last time i was in a pillow fight, lol.Thank you for the comment. Love the reindeere picture.