Saturday, 19 December 2009

Climate change style

As the global warming debate gets heated, it’s official – Winter has finally arrived the UK, with the first big freeze of the season. This week I’ve found myself searching through drawers for a warm scarf and some gloves. Understandably, I’m not going to wear any old scarf and gloves – they’ve got to be reasonably stylish … and, just because something’s quirky and individual, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s got style (see right).

Some people are considered cool enough to carry off any look, though you’ll probably find that a lot of work has gone into arranging David Beckham’s Chelsea knot. He’s possibly not so pleased in this weather, having recently had the sides of his hair shaved off – his ears must be freezing!

Men who are in touch with their feminine side are great with scarves. I reckon that Jude Law is a man of many scarves – he certainly seems to have one for every occasion.

Anyway, whether you’re looking to keep your neck warm during the day, or prevent yourself shivering during seasonal evening events, ShopCurious has a selection of stylish vintage men’s scarves - each with its own unique charm.

These one-off pieces are great as unusual gifts, yet curiously practical too… especially at this time of year. I’m sure any sophisticated man would love something timeless by Tootal or stylish by Sammy as a Christmas gift.

Of course, those who prefer the handmade variety might consider knitting their own – though I rather prefer the timeless classic scarf to the Timelord look. Unless you think we might be on the brink of a new Ice Age...

Do you?


Eri said...

Only in Japan... funny scarves really!
Hey hon, would you mind adding my blog to your links?


Stay warm dear~
whahaha on the nipple-expose scarves!
certainly an attention grabber~

Make Do Style said...

Those nipple scarves!
I actually was very pleased with gratuitous photo of Beckham.