Monday, 14 December 2009

Make a note in the diary

We’re all too busy to think at this time of year, which probably explains lots of things (yes, all those lost, missed, forgotten and overlooked ones...) Better write a list before you forget something.

If you’re curious to know how to save time wondering about what to buy for presents and shopping around to buy them, here’s a suggestion for some Christmas gifts that are very practical, reasonably priced and rather individual:

The item that always seems to get used is a notebook. Diaries are also useful, but best to buy the timeless variety (without dates), which can be used whenever and wherever you like.

You can find these curiously stylish, handy home accessories at ShopCurious – the covers are rather arty and the pages inside are illustrated with quirky designs, so each day is totally unique.

They’re perfect stocking fillers - and you know they’ll be appreciated, as they're great for all manner of jottings from writing a shopping list, outstanding tasks, projects, recording a New Year diet regime (heaven forbid), a daily schedule, notes for memoirs, memories, things to remember, friends to call, names, numbers, aspirations, dreams and doodlings…

Probably a good idea to buy one for yourself too - I’m sure you’re going to need it?

Are you?


abril en paris said...

The notebooks are charming. Is a good gift undoubtedly. You have an
exquisite taste.
Un saludo desde España.

Make Do Style said...

I will be needing one - have dropped hints!

Eri said...

They are so lovely!

Missing you...

See you soon.