Saturday, 25 September 2010

Back to school with DIY design

Talking of DIY design, there’s a bit of The Dabbler in everyone…

I even created a few unique accessories myself, which I upcycled from vintage remnants, pieces of broken jewellery, bits of haberdashery and natural curiosities.

My curious sideways sashes, available from ShopCurious, are based on old school style memorabilia - of the type hitherto worn by team captains, form leaders, winners and holders of responsibility.

Please bear in mind that my previous experience consists purely of school needlework lessons, which were spent sewing my name onto science overalls, aprons and oversized gym knickers. Curiously appropriate, as one of the big trends at the moment relates to treasured memories and objects from childhood.

By the way, the picture above of girls (before my time) doing handstands in the gym is from my old school, which celebrated its 50th anniversary recently...

I think it's about time big knickers made a comeback,

Do you?


Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Very nice :)

Jan said...

It's no secret that I become more & more old school by the day (not sure how that happened) :)
I can just about remember ...
Navy blue knickers (big)- netball - played directly outside the boys woodwork building (it had windows)
Oh the embarrassment.
Who was responsible for that timetable I wonder?
Have a lovely weekend Susan.

Style Porn said...

I've recently come around to, as you call them "oversized knickers" which are really "undersized shorts", right? Anyhoo, I hardly have the legs to pull them off but I love the look.

I also love your DIY furry sash thingy. I'm totally feeling the ornate, tribal vibe.

Anonymous said...

Recall pe knickers well I loved them so did boys they were good days

Tom Farmer said...

Hi Susan,

Yes, big knickers should make a comeback. I personally loved the big navy blue school knickers often spotted as the ladies said when they did gym.

They cover everything but the more modern (70's/80's) styles were quite close fitting and beautifully display the feminine curves whilst still covering all the necessary parts for modesty.

I well remember some women discussing the subject and concluded that they were also very comfortable - so its win/win!


Paula said...

Yes I agree the old gym knickers and skirt were ok to wear bring them back