Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Last of the Summer sun?

When I saw the photos of Lenorenevermore’s day at the beach in the sun (with fiddly oysters), I felt compelled to revisit my own snaps from last weekend in Cornwall. Am I a masochist or what?

Obviously, I’d paid extra for a room with a sea view. And here is my prime view from a deluxe room. Of course, this is not just fog… this is Cornish fog.

Us Brits are hardy folk - we'd barely bat an eyelid in a hurricane, but once in a while, too much bad weather can get to us.

Anyway, I calmed myself by watching a local fisherman bring in his catch. He’d come back early due to the unfavourable conditions out at sea, though had still managed to pot four trays full of rather lively looking crabs. When he told me how little he’d be selling them for I nearly keeled over.

I’m probably becoming a bit crabby as I get older, but sometimes the prices at ‘quaint’ hotels and restaurants in the middle of nowhere are so astronomical it makes me very curious… If you’ve ever been to Cornwall, you might have noticed the prices creeping up over the years, in much the same fashion as a Cornish fog. So plateau de fruits de mer at £58 a pop is not uncommon.

Ever since Olga Polizzi took over the Tresanton Hotel in St Mawes, the prices of property and hotel rooms in the Roseland Peninsula have sky-rocketed. Of course, St Mawes has always been known as ‘Belgravia-on-sea’ and considered even posher than Padstein, or any other of the northern Cornish Cameroons.

But the St Mawes effect has spread its tentacles all around the coast, leaving almost no part unaffected by London level prices. Which is kind of odd - considering where Cornwall is in the UK, and the availability of crabs…and the fog.

Thankfully, there are still some havens of sense amidst the smugglers’ stew. Whether it’s moules mariniere, fish and chips, or crab and crusty bread you’re looking for, I’d suggest a visit to the Pandora at Restronguet Creek for hearty seafood fare at good old fashioned prices. And if you’re shopping for bargains, remember to check out the ShopCurious sale too, because next week it’s all change - with new stock and wonderful Winter curiosities for the coming colder months.

Typical that now our Summer holidays are over, the sun’s come out again – albeit with a marked autumnal chill in the air. Never mind, there’s always next year to look forward to.

Are you?


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Thank you Susan darling!
What a dramatic view, The fog certainly adds more drama & mystery~ reminds me of one of Peter Jackson's movies somehow!


Jill said...

I know it's rainy/foggy/dreary...but, it looks very romantic. I live in Sun City...some rain, once in a while, is a wonderful thing!

Susan said...

Thanks Lenore and Jill - what a couple of incurable romantics! I love that you're both perennially sunny in your outlook... I'm curious to know if you've ever visited Cornwall?!

etoilee8 said...

It looks really beautiful here. I'm with Lenore and Jill . . . I'm quite content with the rain. Anything would be a welcomed change to my summer which consist of suburbia, suburbia and more suburbia. And pools with screaming children.

Style Porn said...

That famous Cornish fog doesn't look much different from San Francisco in the summertime...but luckily we're finally getting our summer! It always starts in September.

Profoundly Superficial said...

I'm in Ireland right now... land of bright sunshine, dark storm clouds and perky rainbows. Magic!! Oh yes, the mist is spectacular as well

worm said...

great report! I spent many a weekend of my childhood learning to sail in Mylor, St Mawes and Restronguet! The pandora is a lovely pub.
- for amazing crab and seafood at great prices and in a really unpretentious pub, try the Rod and Line in Tideford near Looe - it's amazing! (and popular with stylish types like Lady Eliot)

Susan said...

Thanks for the suggestion worm, I'll definitely give your pub a try. Some years ago I spent almost every weekend sailing around those parts. It's a small world!