Saturday, 18 September 2010

Papal power dressing

On the last Papal visit to Britain, The Queen wore a regal blue dress by Hardy Amies. But this was no match for the Pope's regalia - even without his formal robes (let alone the Papal Tiara).

This time, although The Pope dressed down once again, The Queen still looks rather pale in comparison, according to recent photos in the press. The style advice from ShopCurious is that the veiled black velvet and lace look she wore on a visit to The Vatican in 2000 works so much better, and seems somehow more appropriate. 

But I suppose the Pope could outdress almost anyone - even Lady Gaga...

Do you?


Jan said...

H.M. has been looking more than a little fed up in recent photos, not surprising really, she is still on holiday after all.
Enjoy your weekend!

Susan said...

Thanks Jan.. you too. (Thought working holidays were de rigueur for the self-employed?)