Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tattoos - angelic, or hellish?

Just around the corner from a curiously old fashioned tailors’ shop in London’s Wandsworth, is a rather ominously named tattoo parlour – The Angelic Hell Tattoo World.

The permanent tattoo business is booming, with niche shops offering a whole tattoo lifestyle, including exhibitions, clothing and tattoo design products. Writing for the Evening Standard, Liz Hoggard recently reviewed a fascinating new book, Tattooed by The Family Business, about one such tattoo shop in Exmouth Market.

But, is it worth all the pain? Do tattoos really look angelic… even erotic, or are they just a big mistake? What will you think of your tattoos in years to come?

A while back, I suggested that it might be wise to ‘Tink before you tattoo’. Some of you may have thought this was a typo, but no, Tink-It is a new brand offering temporary art tattoos, available in the UK exclusively at ShopCurious. Are temporary tattoos not a more sensible option?

Anyway, I look forward to hearing your views.


Jan said...

I'd definitely take the temporary route!
(Congrats on the FT feature)

Susan said...

Thank you for being curious Jan!

Sabina said...

The Russian movie Plato has english subtitles, too :) Its really wonderful :)

jamie-lee said...

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo.. but I don't think I have the guts - seeing as you live with it for the rest of your life!

Profoundly Superficial said...

For years I've longed for fluffy angel wings on my back, but the sensible part of me is glad I haven't done it. Tink is definitely the way to go. And with everything (love included!) it's always good to experiment before committing.